Many of our acquaintances told us not to go to Antofagasta for a lack of entertainment and historical sites, but we had a host accept us who seemed very cool, so we decided to check it out for a few days. We were so glad we did because we were able to meet an extremely beautiful family and learn an abundance about Chilean culture.

David, who worked in marketing but had recently quit his job because he had surgery on his leg and his employer treated him poorly since then, lived with his girlfriend and the mother of his child, Andrea, who was an architect for a construction company. They have an adorable 3 year old boy, Borja who loves dancing and singing to the Beatles. A few times each day he would grab his guitar, demand a particular Beatles song be played on the stereo, and strum away while singing along. When the song concluded, he would take a deep breath, and procounce “gracias”, while performing a deep bow. He was beyond precious.

Antofagasta fam

We immediately fell in love with them and became very close over the few short days we stayed with them. They cooked us an asado the first night we arrived, and took us to have a seafood lunch at a small local fisherman restaurant on the coast the next day. On our final day we made fish tacos for them and drank delicious Chilean wine on their balcony.

Antofagasta Chile fish

We shared very honest and interesting conversations about life and the balance between being successful and happy, as well how to keep family close while still chasing our dreams. When we were packing and preparing to leave, David appeared out of nowhere with a Chilean national soccer team jersey, on which he had printed the number “10” and the name “Sami”. It was the perfect ending to an incredible experience. We plan to see them again next summer when they visit the States.

Antofagasta Chile sunset

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